Winter DIY

This blog post investigates the different Home Improvement DIY Techniques you can use to have a warmer winter in your house, office or other building, utilising the very best RUKO or TERRAX drilling and cutting tools from Quality Tools UK.





Windows and Doors

Maintaining a warm household or office environment depends largely on the quality of the windows or even in some cases doors. By installing high-quality windows and doors you can help reduce loss of heat significantly. Quality Tools UK offers a range of tools which can be a beneficial accessory when installing new windows or doors. Including our Deburring Tools & Rotary Burrs for grinding and removal of excess material such as wood, plastic or even metal. Our Drilling Tools can be used to assemble handles or hinges. And our Hole Saws or Core Drill Annular Cutters can be used to create large diameter holes where necessary.

Hole Saw Cutters from RUKO Shop UK


Draught Exclusion

Hot air within your heated building could escape with ease if gaps are located near doors, windows and holes in walls where cold air seeps in. Draught Excluders provide the best solution for this. However, cushioned fabric draught excluders can get in the way and provide a trip hazard within your home or office. Installing seals, weather strips, door brushes and other hardware strips is less of a nuisance. Quality Tools UK offers a range cutting and drilling tools ideal for trimming, shaping or installing these weatherproofing/breeze blocking insulation appliances. For instance, RUKO HSS Jobber Twist Drill Bits could provide a helpful tool when installing door brush seal strips to the bottom of your doors.


Pest Control

Following on from the previous point, adding seals and exclusion devices to your building can also reduce unwanted pests. By installing/fitting seals around windows, doors and cracks/holes within walls can help to stop creepy crawleys from seeking shelter from the cold weather within your home/office. In certain cases, rodents may seek shelter dependant on the size of the gap. Once again, by using tools on offer from Quality Tools UK, you can install pest control barriers and other forms of seals to reduce the likelihood of these unwanted guests.

Jobber Twist Drill Bits from RUKO Shop UK


Flooring and Furnishings

Having flooring such as carpet or a rug on hard flooring can help to keep a room warm. Certain types of furnishings can also improve heat insulation. Quality Tools UK is once again on hand with a variety of tools to help with these chores. For instance, our RUKO De Burring Blade may provide assistance when removing excess material on furniture or when removing difficult flooring. Our Jobber Twist Drills can aid with the assembly of furniture sets/pieces, or use one of our Step Drills or Core Drills to create larger diameter holes where necessary for configuration and adjustment purposes.

Step Drill Bits from RUKO Shop UK


Plumbing and Damp Proofing

Ensuring a building is dampproof is important in maintaining a warm dry environment. Make sure plumbing within the building is in pristine condition as to reduce splashback and damp moist conditions. Installing new plumbing fittings or fixtures will require heavy duty tools. RUKO provide specialist high-quality tools made in Germany providing precision tooling for the toughest of materials. Drilling products maybe required in certain plumbing scenarios to achieve the desired end result. Quality Tools UK stocks a wide range of cutting and drilling products that are specially equipped and tailored for all types of plumbing jobs. These include Screw Hole Punch Tools, which provide an excellent accessory for plumbing related projects.

Screw Hole Punch Accesories from RUKO Shop UK


Lighting and Decorating

Having a warm vibrant and well-lit room can add psychological warmth within a house or office. Installing new light fixtures, new room decorations or hanging pictures/mirrors/wall art can help to brighten a room. Creating a bright and vivid room can help to obtain a nice warm feel during the cold and miserable months of the winter season. RUKO Shop UK stocks a range of tools to accompany you in any DIY Construction Process.

Panther PPE Thermal Gripper Gloves - Ideal for Outdoor Applications


Browse our complete Parweld and Panther PPE Collections over the winter period to find the right tool for your DIY or Construction Projects. We provide Free Next Working Day Delivery within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland when you spend £50 or more on our online store. Get winter ready at Quality Tools UK!

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