How To Cut A Thread By Machine

Cutting an Internal Thread does not have to be done by hand and can be done by machine. This blog will demonstrate how to cut and internal thread using a power drilling machine and a Machine Tap Tool. By following similar steps to the blog on “how to cut an internal thread by hand”, this 6 Step Guide will explore the automated effortless process with the use of machine rather than manually by hand.

Thread Cutting by Machine


TERRAX by RUKO - Set of Machine Taps

Tools Required Include:



Ensure Safety and PPE is used


RUKO Shop UK Machine Taps
    1. Firstly, a hole in the applicational surface is required. Due to the size and diameter of the hole, a Jobber Twist Drill is also required. RUKO Shop UK supplies a range of Twist Drill Bits available to purchase. Using cutting spray throughout this process will enhance the service life and surface quality of the hole drilling process.
    2. Secondly, the hole will now require a countersinking process to allow better entry for cutting the thread. RUKO Shop UK offers a range of both RUKO and Terrax Countersinks and Countersink Sets and Accessories here.
    3. Now begins the process of the internal thread cut. Attach the Machine Tap to the Drilling Machine (or Hand Power Drill Device).
    4. Steadily apply pressure down into the hole whilst the drill is in motion. After a few runs, the tap pulls itself into the worksurface.

      Spiral Flutes Fact

    5. Once the tap pulling process is complete, switch the machine to drill in the opposite direction to remove the Machine Tap from the worksurface.
    6. The result should enable a smooth screw hole within the surface application to allow a screw to fit in place.

Internal Thread Result



NOTE - Internal Thread Cutting Process


For visual aid, check out our YouTube Video demonstrations below for further assistance.



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