New Style Recyclable Glove Packaging

Quality Tools UK - Parweld Panther PPE Packaging Changes 2024

Parweld has introduced new eco-friendly packaging for their gripper and handling gloves from both the Parweld brand and Panther PPE brand which are available here at Quality Tools UK.


Environmental Impact



Million Metric Tons Of Plastic Produced Every Year




Of Plastic Is Recycled




Million Metric Tons Of Global Plastic Waste Every Year




Million Metric Tons Of Plastic Ends Up In The Oceans




Years For Plastic To Decompose




Of Plastic Produced Is For Single-Use Packaging


According to Statista


Panther PPE Gripper Gloves Info

Panther PPE by Parweld - Available At Quality Tools UK
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials
  • Ensures safe working for the consumer
  • Extended life of the glove
  • Colour-coded wrist for easy size identification
  • Traffic light system for cut protection


Panther PPE Header Cards

Header Cards For Panther PPE

As part of the changes unveiled by Parweld, you will find new design header cards available on our P3860 PU Coated Gripper Gloves, P3870 Nitrile Coated Gripper Gloves and P3845 ISO Cut Grade D Gloves, all from the Panther PPE brand of Parweld. The new header cards are shown in the image to the right, any queries on these, then please feel free to get in touch with us here at Quality Tools UK.


Parweld PPE Paper Sleeves

Paper Sleeves For Bulk Quantity Packs

When you order any Parweld or Panther PPE gripper gloves from Quality Tools UK, they will arrive packed within a new 100% recyclable paper sleeve. This new sleeve removes all traces of single-use plastics to ensure a more sustainable and environmentally friendly disposal. You can email Quality Tools UK ( at anytime with questions regarding this new sleeve packaging.


The Gloves Available At Quality Tools UK


Parweld Thermal Gripper Gloves

Parweld Thermal Gripper Gloves




Panther PPE Cut C Gloves - Hand Protection

Panther ISO Cut D Gloves




Panther PU Coated Gripper Gloves




Pantehr Nitrile Coated Gripper Gloves

Panther Nitrile Coated Gripper Gloves




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