RUKO Spot Weld Point FAST Drill



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Product Details

Special Drill - CUT NEU HSS-E with an 8.0mm Diameter.

Extra stable special drill for hard requirements on hand drills. Suited for clean and burr-free milling of welding spots and thin-walled work pieces without centering. Extreme high precision.

Additional Information

   Applicable for:   

  • Sheet Steel
  • Sheet Brass
  • Sheet Aluminium
  • Sheet Zinc
  • Sheet Copper
  • Plastic Sheets



- Weld Point Drill

- Depending on application, up to four-teen times longer service life

- Very high resistance to heat and oxidation

- Chemical compound of aluminum , titanium und nitrogen

- Nano hardness: up to 38 GPa

- Coat thickness: 1-4 μm

- Coefficient of friction: 0.7 μ

- Temperature: 900 °C

- Application: steel (N/mm²) more than 1,300, stainless steel

- Cooling not mandatory


MaterialHigh Speed Steel
Drill TypeWeld Point (Special Drill)
Set SizeSingle Piece

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