RUKO Tap & Drill Combo Set

RUKO Tap & Drill Combo Set



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Product Details

15 Piece Set of Single-Cut Hand Taps and Jobber Twist Drill Bits in Plastic Case. Contains 7 HSS Taps (DIN 352), 7 HSS Twist Drills (DIN 338) and 1 Tap Wrench (DIN 1814).


The single-cut tap HSS for through threads in unalloyed and low-alloyed steels up to a strength of 800 N/mm². The single-cut tap HSSE-Co 5 for through threads in unalloyed and alloyed steels up to a strength of 1000 N/mm², malleable cast iron and non-ferrous metals. The thread can be cut in one operation by hand or machine.

Set Includes

Twist Drills
  • 7 Piece HSS Drill Bits (DIN 338 - Type N) = 1 x 2.5mm Ø, 1 x 3.3mm Ø, 1 x 4.2mm Ø, 1 x 5.0mm Ø, 1 x 6.8mm Ø, 1 x 8.5mm Ø and 1 x 10.2mm Ø
Hand Taps
  • 7 Piece HSS Single-Cut Taps (DIN 352)1 x M3, 1 x M4, 1 x M5, 1 x M6, 1 x M8, 1 x M10 and 1 x M12
  • 1 Piece Tap Wrench (DIN 1814) = 1 x Size 1.5


Case Overview
Set Size15 Pieces

Twist Drills
Diameter Range2.5mm-10.2mm
MaterialHigh Speed Steel Ground
Number of Drill Bits in Set
7 Pieces

Taps and Thread Cutting Accessories
M Thread Sizes
M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12
MaterialHigh Speed Steel
Tap TypeHand
Flank Angle
Number of Taps in Set
7 Pieces
352 (Taps)
Wrench Size
1 1/2
Number of Wrenches in Set
Single Piece
1814 (Tap Wrench)

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