TERRAX Core Drill HSS (Optional TiN Coating)



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Product Details

TERRAX Core Drill/Broach Cutter/Annular Cutters made from heavy-duty High Speed Steel

Diameter Ranging from 12mm - 32mm with a 19mm Weldon ¾ Shank and a 30mm Maximum Cutting Depth.

Suitable for steel (such as T-brackets, large sheets), cast iron, non-ferrous and light metals.

For use in magnetic-stand and pillar drilling machines with morse taper retainer.


MaterialHigh Speed Steel
Drill TypeCore Drill, Annular Cutter, Broach Cutter
Shank Diameter19.0mm
Shank¾ Weldon Shank
Maximum Cutting Depth30.0mm
Set SizeSingle Piece

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