Twist Drills

A variety of high-performance Jobber Twist Drills in different materials and sizes, to suit all your needs:

High Speed Steel (HSS) - enabling drilling at higher speeds and through harder materials. Ideal for all-round metal drilling.

Cobalt HSS (HSSE-Co5) - high-performance high-speed steel with 5% cobalt content. High toughness and heat resistance, for drilling in materials that are difficult to machine with a strength of up to 1100 N/mm². Increases the material's hardness above ordinary HSS.

Blacksmith (HSS Black) - with a reduced shank making it more resistant to fracture and suitable for robust drilling units.

TIN Coated - Titanium is a corrosion-resistant metal that is utilized as a coating on HSS drill bits to give them extremely high surface hardness levels in the form of titanium nitride, or TiN. Titanium-coated drill bits can drill through difficult materials and last up to six times longer than ordinary HSS bits.

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